Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Saturday I visited my not so local stamp store "Toyrifix" in Smithville, Ohio. The name is from the educational toys they sell but they have a fabulous section devoted to stamps and paper and all kinds of goodies. Tammy Hershberger is the manager of the stamp section, but she wasn't working Saturday. Brenda was kind enough to let me take her pic with all their goodies. Here's the link to their website: NOTICE: Toyrifix decided in the summer, 2012, to close its section for stamping and crafting. Now the store is toys only. Very Sad!!

Here's the photo of Brenda and a section of their stamp department.


  1. How nice to still have a local place to shop for your stamping/crafting goodies! So many have, sadly, closed. :(

    Congrats on the new blog!! I plan to visit often!

  2. That store looks so amazing. I could spend hours and a lot of money. Great looking blog!