Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Challenge Card

Hello again! Here's another card I posted on CardMaker CardSwaps.

CardMaker Challenge Corner - Clean it Out:

Lora hosts a weekly challenge and they are awesome! For this week's challenge we were to use scraps to make our card front. I know... I know.... some of you just throw your scraps away, but there's so many ways to use them. I chose to make a Tile Card from scraps of Designer Paper and white cardstock. My tiles are 1" x 1" squares matted on white cardstock tiles that are 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" squares.

My lighting isn't that good so the red has an orange cast to it. For some reason the rows of tiles look all wonky and wopper-jawed too. In real life they are straight... honest! HeeHeeHee! Hope you like my card and thanks for stopping by!

Woo-Hoo!! I'm finally back to bloggin!

Hi peeps! I finally got my new computer and I'm b-a-a-a-c-k! The insurance company took their time paying on my claim from the burglary, but they did and I love my new computer.

Member Challenge - CAS Card:
This week at CardMakers CardSwap Golda is hosting the Member Challenge. For those of you who might not know what CAS stands for... it's Clean and Simple. Now that doesn't mean you just 'throw it together' without any thought. You still put thought into your card and do your best work, but you don't go over the top with embellishments and, as I call it, foofala!

Golda's requirements were to make a Thank You card that has 30% white space on the card front. I used the design I used on my cousin's 70th Birthday Invitations. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back to blogging real soon...

Yep, I should be able to start back up again very shortly. I could continue, diary style, but c'mon... how boring would THAT be???

In the next couple of day I will be attempting to post some projects I've been working on. I say 'attempting' because I won't know for sure if it will work until I try it. It's a pain in hrmmpf having to learn a bunch of new 'stuff' that comes with a new computer. I'm a stubborn 'ole bird and determined not to let this burglary get the best of me.

See ya soon with some new projects!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Naughty?.... Or downright mean?

Hello peeps! Has the whole world gone insane? After I made my happy little post on December 1st I went out for  a couple of hours to get a few gifts and stuff to make candy. I was still in my happy little mood when I got home... until I opened the door!!!

Holy Guacamole! My house had been broken into and ransacked. Now, I'm not the type who gets hysterical... at least until everything is over. Of course I called 911 immediately and, no, I didn't go through my house. I did stand right inside my side door hollering "Whose in my house" several times. I don't have a clue what I would have done if I got an answer!

One of my dad's rifles was propped up against the footstool in my living room and a lock box was on the sofa. I bypassed hysteria and went straight to rage because my little fur baby wouldn't answer me. I thought the worst. My kitchen window was wide open as was the patio door. They had taken guns that were my dad's, and the ammo. That hurt 'cuz dad passed away several years ago. They were kind enough (?) to leave a couple behind. Bad move, and stupid, if they decide to come back for them! Yep, I do know how to use them!

The diamond necklace that was the last gift from my hubby before he passed was also taken, and another big hurt, AND my computer!! After 45 minutes I finally heard my dog whimper... he had been locked in the bathroom. Go figure!?! He wasn't hurt, thank God, although he's really skittish right now.

It took police 2 hours to get here and I live in the city! They didn't do anything except file a report! No fingerprints were taken even though one gun and the lock box was in the middle of the living room and 4 guns were actually stolen. Really!?! Are you serious!?! It took hours to pick up and put away all of my stuff that had been dumped out of drawers, closets, and cabinets. Hmmm... what I want for Christmas is 5 minutes alone in a room with whoever did this!

I'll be keeping up here as best I can on this super small notebook my son has brought over. My fat little fingers keep hitting the wrong keys... but hey, it's better than nothing! So peeps, stay safe and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goodies Galore...

Hi peeps! Wow, December 1st already... where does the time go?

Did you ever make a "little something" for someone and then discovered you have to keep up the new, so called, tradition? Yepper... That happened last year. I was looking for inexpensive little treats or goodies for the little ones and found some free digital designs and some that I paid just a few dollars for. Now, Being on a very limited income free is awesome and a million blessings to the designers who offer their hard work for free.

Anyway.... on to the fun stuff! Last year I made these little "Magic Reindeer Food" packets for the kiddos and they went crazy!! Sooo... I had to make them again this year so as not to dissapoint them.  Rule #1: Don't give them out early, like I did, or the moms will come and try to lynch you. (giggle) I found this free ready to print goodie from Rhonda Sue at CraftyMumz Creations 
I mixed up some food (quick oats and colored sugar sprinkles) and put a small amount into small plastic bags. Yeah, I forgot to take a photo of that part but you get the idea. The quick oats and the sprinkles cost less than $2.00 at my favorite bulk food store and I had enough for 20 packets of food and plenty leftovers for breakfast and cookie decorations. Hey - ya can't beat that with a stick!

The next batch of goodies I made are the "Reindeer Poop" and "Elf Pillows".  Yessss, everything is edible! The bag topper for the Reindeer Poop (pretzel balls from the bulk food store) also comes from Rhonda Sue and can be found here
Seriously... you have to go check out all she offers.

The bag topper for the elf pillows (mini mini marshmallows from the bulk food store) is from Dustin Pike  Unfortunately I don't see this on his site anymore. Ooops... am I allowed to say that! Doesn't matter, he still has lots of goodies available.

Well peeps, I gotta go now and make candy for us grown-ups. I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen and I thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not the usual Christmas colors.

Judging by the weather outside it won't be long until the snow starts flying and I can make a snowman with the grandkids. Until then this card will get me in the mood to brave the cold. I made it for the sketch challenge over at CardMaker Magazine Card Swap. You can find the link here

Normally I stick to traditional colors but I couldn't resist this paper and cardstock by The Paper Studio. I got it at Hobby Lobby. The turquoise cardstock lookss a lot darker in the photo than it really is. Maybe while I'm learning this blog stuff I can learn how to take better photos! (giggle) Hope you enjoy looking at my card and Thanks for stopping by.

Problems leaving comments??

Uh-Oh! I've heard from some of my friends that they had trouble leaving a comment for me. I'm so sorry about that and I've tried to fix it. You now have the option to comment as Anonymous. If you don't mind, please leave you first name so I'll know who it's from.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Saturday I visited my not so local stamp store "Toyrifix" in Smithville, Ohio. The name is from the educational toys they sell but they have a fabulous section devoted to stamps and paper and all kinds of goodies. Tammy Hershberger is the manager of the stamp section, but she wasn't working Saturday. Brenda was kind enough to let me take her pic with all their goodies. Here's the link to their website: NOTICE: Toyrifix decided in the summer, 2012, to close its section for stamping and crafting. Now the store is toys only. Very Sad!!

Here's the photo of Brenda and a section of their stamp department.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome everyone! I've finally taken the plunge and created my first blog. I must admit I don't really have a clue what I'm doing or even how to do it. However, if you bear with me, I will eventually learn.