Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm back again!

Boy there sure have been a lot of disruptions lately. Some good, some bad, but all are part of life and life really is good. I try to keep my blog current but sometimes life has other plans. My original plan for my blog was a place to showcase, and share, my love of paper crafts and card making.

Lately I've been thinking of adding what I call "therapy writing". Some of you that have been following me know my mom is in a lovely nursing home and the staff loves her. Still... it's difficult for mom to accept she can no longer do simple things for herself, and it's difficult for me to watch her struggle. So, from time to time,  I will write about some of our struggles.

First on my list today is to share a recent photo of Mom and I, taken last week at my cousin's home.

Mom is the last sibling out of 8 children my grandparents had. Some of my cousins and I, children of mom's sister Esther, have frequent "get togethers". Mom has always been an integral part of these gatherings and we bring her when she's up to it.

Clearing out mom's home that she's lived in since 1946, and that I was born and raised in, is no easy task. Mom, being raised in the Depression, has saved everything! It's time consuming going through her possessions and, yes, emotional. I keep telling myself it's easier doing it now while she's living, but it's difficult non the less. It's also difficult trying to take care of things in a non objectionable, unemotional manner when the emotional child within me wants to throw a temper tantrum and run and hide! I was recently down at the house and for some reason went into the basement. SHOCK!! Half the basement had water in it. I called the plumber and the main sewer line had gotten blocked with tree roots. It took the poor plumber two and a half hours to snake out the line and remove tons of roots.

So, thank you for taking time to stop by and say Hi!

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