Saturday, June 28, 2014

Card in a Box

Good Morning Peeps! I have a fun project to show you, and in spite of how hard it looks, it's really very easy and goes together quickly. The "box that is"... but you can spend a good bit of time picking all the cute goodies to put in your box. [giggle] It's called a card in a box, and actually folds flat to fit inside a standard A2 envelope.

I found a great You Tube tutorial from the blog Mommy-Stamper by Brianna Thompson. The link to her post and tutorial is Here. Take a few minutes while you're there to check out the rest of Brianna's blog... such a talented and creative lady.

Well Peeps, that's it for me today. Time to take some hard earned money and go grocery shopping. Hmmm... did you ever think about that one? Take food off shelf and put in basket, take food out of basket and put on checkout counter, put bags of food in car, take bags out of car into house, take food out of bags and put on shelves. One gigantic multi-step circle from shelf to shelf. [giggle]

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