Sunday, October 7, 2012

World Cardmaking Day, delayed

Blessed Sunday my friends!

Saturday, October 6th, was World Cardmaking Day. Over on Operation Write Home's Stars & Stamps blog they had a huge Blog Hop. There were 97, yes 97, blogs to visit with tons of inspiration. I'm putting the link here directly to the Blog Hop post. I urge you to hop over there, after you're done here, and take advantage of all the creative inspiration. OWH has fixed each link so you'll go directly to the host's post. No Hunting!!

I spent Saturday being creative too! I got a total of 22 cards make, all of which will be mailed to OWH so they can be sent to our troops to write home to their families and friends. This is such a worthwhile cause that allows us, on the home front, to do our part.

It's wonderful to help the living for a change. Let me explain... 5 1/2 years ago I joined the Patriot Guard Riders, or in short, PGR. I heard about the PGR through my son who is a member, and in fact I'm still a member. This is a national volunteer organization, recognized by the Us. S. Government and U.S. Armed Forces. We have ONE purpose for existing, and that is to honor our fallen heroes killed in the line of duty. Many, many of our members are Veterans themselves.

Our members, at the request of the family, form an honor guard of American Flags outside the Funeral Home during visitation, and then later at the cemetery for burial. We also help shield the family, upon their request, to form a non-violent barrier between them and the press or radial groups who want to get in their face.  Yes friends, any time we honor a fallen hero is a sad time. And, I'm sad to say. I've participated in way too many of these missions here in my local area. There have been way too many of our young men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. These brave heroes have laid down their life to protect and defend The United States of America.

So you see my friends, when I learned of OWH two years ago I jumped at the chance to join the group. I'm doing something I love, which is card making, and I'm helping our heroes keep in touch with home. I can't begin to tell you how rewarding this is for me. I know receiving a box of OWH cards brings smiles and joy to the faces of our troops. I've seen the photos, and read the letters, they've sent to OWH. I know it brings smiles and joy to the families and friends who receive an OWH card from their loved one. I've read the the letters they've sent to OWH.

I fully intended to show you my cards in this post. As you can, or can't, see... this isn't happening. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading the photos to my computer.

For more information on OWH please click here.
For more information about PGR please click here.

Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit!

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